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How do I know if I need a new roof?
Sometimes, this answer is completely obvious: a big hole in your roof, missing shingles, leaks, or even animals living in your attic. Other times, the signs you need a new roof are a little more subtle. If your roof is more than 12-15 years old, it may be time to get a replacement and get ahead of any problems that result from a damaged roof.
How often does a roof need to be replaced?
The longevity of your roof will depend on its materials, its installation, and its ventilation, so it’s hard to give a straight answer. Typically, a solid, well-constructed roof will last between 12-15 years. Depending on the quality and type of shingles you chose and the underlayment of your roof, that number can go up to 30 or more.
How much does a new roof cost?
Every roof is different, so every roof costs a different amount. When considering the price of your new roof, roofing contractors take a few factors into consideration: size, old roof removal, style, shape, materials, and other features like chimneys, skylights, and vents that they need to work around. A replacement roof is a big investment, and giving a quote without examining your unique situation would not be in our customers’ best interest.
What is the best time to replace a roof?
While there is no official “roofing season” and roofers work all year round, summer and fall are usually busier months for most roofing contractors. Factors like snow, rain, ice, and sleet can impact how quickly roofers can safely and effectively get your roof finished, which is why dryer, warmer months are when most people opt to get their roofs replaced.

However, replacing your roof in the winter or spring could result in a quicker install due to more availability and less demand.

What roofing material should I use?
The shape and style of your roof will determine whether you need a shingle or flat roof, while your budget will most likely determine whether you use asphalt or designer/luxury shingles. It’s important to keep in mind that those aren’t the only materials of which your roof is comprised. In addition to shingles, there’s decking, drip edge, ice and water barrier, underlayment, flashing, and ventilation.

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"Highly recommended! The professionalism and quality of materials used confirms we picked the right company. The job was started and completed as promised. Great experience!“


All my dealings with BB Construction have been professional, courteous and just awesome. Very knowledgeable when it comes to roofing and just nice people always willing to help out. I cannot recommend them enough.


“I called and they came out the next day to start the claims process. They got the ball rolling right away and got me way more than I expected! They did a great job and I'm very satisfied. I would definitely recommend them!”

Brian L.